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Top 10 Chef's choices for 20.05.24 - 26.05.24


Sunday delivery


Black Bean Turkey Noodles 1

Egg noodles(EGG)(WHEAT), chicken fillet, black bean sauce(BARLEY)(SESAME), seasoning, mix veg


Chicken mushroom pasta 2

Tagliatelle pasta(WHEAT), turkey fillet, mushroom sauce, seasoning, mix veg


Beef Con Carne 3

Brown rice, mince beef, chopped tomatoes, tomato paste, jalapenios, onions, seasoning, mix veg


Chicken & Cheese Rosemary Focaccia 4

Rosemary focaccia(WHEAT), chicken fillet, ovenbaked potato wedges, emmental cheese(MILK), house relish, seasoning



Tuesday delivery

Asian Style Chicken Meatballs 5

Brown rice, chicken meatballs, teriyaki sauce(SOY), seasoning, mix veg


Turkey Lasagne 6

Mince turkey, pasta sheets(WHEAT), white sauce(MILK), chopped tomatoes, ovenbaked chunky potato , seasoning, mix veg


Chicken Enchiladas 7

Mexican rice, tortilla wrap(WHEAT), chicken fillet, mild chilli sauce, emmental cheese(MILK), seasoning


Pulled Pork Pretzel 8

Pretzel bun(WHEAT), pulled pork, bbq sauce(MUSTARD)(BARLEY), tomatoes, ovenbaked potato wedges, seasoning


Thursday delivery


Turkey Stew 9

Roasted sweet potato chunks, turkey fillet, roast gravy(SOY), seasoning, mix veg


Greek Style Beef 10

Orzo pasta(WHEAT), chunky beef, chopped tomatoes, tomato paste, black olives, seasoning, mix veg


Turkey Curry 11

Basmati rice, chicken fillet, curry sauce, seasoning, mix veg


Sweet & Sour Chicken 12

Brown rice, chicken fillet, sweet & sour sauce(CELERY), seasoning, mix veg



Vegetarian, vegan or gluten free options availble

Please see allergens in BOLD

Let us know if there is anything you don't like and we won't give it to you!


Suppliers List

Sysco Foods


Lynas Food Service

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