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Our company specialises creating individual diets, every diet is prepared to the customers requirement.


Each customer can add a comment to let us know about food allergies and ingrediants they do not wish to include in their meals in our 'comment box'.


Your fresh meals are delivered to your door every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. 

Additionality, we cater for client specific dietary requirments and diets requested by personal dietitians.

The advantages of our diets are:


  • You Choose - if there is anything you don't like just let us know so we'll replace it.

  • Effectiveness - if you  follow our meal plans you are more likely to achieve your dietary goals.

  • Nutritional and low calorific values ​​- we provide your body with only the values ​​it needs

  • Fresh & Tasty-  your meals are prepared fresh on the day of delivery and arrive straigh to your door. our delivery days are every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Click and collect options also available from our production kitchen based in St Marys college.

  • Dietary Requirements - We cater for gluten free (ceoliac), lactose free, vegan, vegetarian. Feel free to drop us a line if there are any further dietary requirments you may have.

  • Healthy Meals that are quick and easy to reheat, no mess, no fuss.


and one more thing....BECAUSE WE ARE FREAKING AWESOME!!!

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